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Haters Guide to Super Bowl 50

It’s a 50-year-old question: “Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?” Those who don’t have an interest usually answer by finding something positive in a team and embracing that. Then there are the surrounding annoyances that take away from the enjoyment of the game. So let me tell you how to be a grump about this year’s Super Sunday …

Playing second banana

If the San Diego Chargers follow the money to L.A., undoubtedly, they will be second banana in an NFL two-team market. Here’s a look at other two-team markets in football, basketball, baseball.

Hall of Fame voters need ego check

Halls of fame are a great concept, in theory. But for baseball and pro football, the mortal characteristics of politics and ego get in the way of those with a chance for figurative immortality.

Winds of change

With the 2015 regular season in the books, the NFL head-coaching carousel will start to spin in full force. But the question is whether these moves will pay off or become just another spin in a vicious cycle of failure.

Tied down by tiebreakers

The list of NFL tiebreakers to determine playoff teams can seem like a cross between a legal brief and an IRS tax code. So let me help you understand all of the Ed Hochuli-type explanations about which team needs what to happen to keep playing past Week 17.

Merry Christmas — there, I said it

I’d like to say and see others have a “Merry Christmas” without people flipping out about it. If you don’t believe in my beliefs, that’s fine. Just don’t try to change my mind when I don’t agree with yours.

Bowling for memories in New Orleans

The college football bowl season begins in earnest Saturday, and I can’t wait. That’s a ridiculous statement, one at which uppity college football observers turn up their noses, and I’m choosing to look past a few things for an appreciation of the total picture.

New threads, still stale stitches

I’m happy San Diego is back in brown for at least one day every other week. Arizona should go back to purple and turquoise; it was the original scheme and the D’backs won a championship in those colors. But the only truly satisfied people are the marketers.

LSU opts for more of Les

Les Miles will get at least a 12th season as the LSU head coach. The problem is that the LSU football program, its 8-3 regular season in the books, has just kicked a can of problems down the road, and it may have created more issues in the process.

Take time to be thankful

Thanksgiving is the quiet child of the celebrations that mark the last three months of the year. Halloween is fun, and Christmas is important. But I hope my daughter comes to appreciate Turkey Day and treats Thanksgiving, the middle child of the holidays, like an only child.

Absence speaks loud and clear

The best way for fans to vent is to stop showing up. Booing is a common form of displaying disapproval, but absence is better. Fans not being present to buy overpriced food, drink and parking hits home eventually in the form of missing dollars. And when money talks …

Upon further review …

We’re way past the point of no return when it comes to technology strangling the soul out of our society. This pessimistic view is borne out in the way instant replay has taken over football in the same manner as the Kardashians seizing E! network.