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Super Bowl not always about the game

Yours truly has been fortunate enough to attend six Super Bowls as a member of the media. And what you discover when covering Super Bowls is that it isn’t always about the game. Here are the things I remember most about the Super Bowls I covered …

Brady-Manning, one last time …

Two Hail Marys and a Hail Larry? Two legendary QBs squaring off? Upstart QB — maybe even the MVP — vs. a retread? These NFL playoffs have had it all, with the promise of more high-level entertainment to come …

All hail … aww hell, the Bungles

The latest Cincinnati debacle still stings — and smells — in so many different ways. After the still-incomprehensible meltdown in the final 1 minute, 36 seconds, Marvin Lewis is 0-for-7 in the postseason. Ol’ Marvin has to go — and here’s why.

Death of one of the good guys

Marvin Panch passed away on New Year’s Eve. He was one of the good guys who helped build his sport of stock-car racing, and Panch was the central figure in one of NASCAR’s greatest stories that still has legs today.

Where does Kobe rank all-time?

There was a time not long ago when Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players in the world, and he belongs in the discussion of who’s the greatest of all time. But he doesn’t top the list. In fact, Bryant doesn’t even belong in the top five.

Sanity in the 'Star Wars' conversation

It’s a movie, people. It’s supposed to entertain us, that’s all. If you’re offended by another Star Wars flick, it’s really simple. Stay home. But don’t give in to some seemingly self-serving need to blast all those who are excited about it.

The enduring legacy of 'Hot Rod'

John “Hot Rod” Williams was much more than a very good but maybe not great basketball player. There are lessons to be learned from his story, memories to be preserved.

Thumbin' through the week that was

Life in sports and beyond is full of ups and downs on not only a weekly, but daily basis. We find joy and celebrate it. We reluctantly experience heartbreak and try to make the best of that, too. Then again, some people …

And then there was one …

First, the Carolina Panthers’ undefeated start to the 2015 NFL season just seemed a little odd, but in an entertaining, fun sort of way. It couldn’t last, of course. Could it? Can it?
So now this is getting serious …

Celebrate Jeff Gordon, the person

Who wouldn’t want to be like Jeff Gordon, whether you’re in racing or not? He broke down barriers and opened doors for others. We should all continue to celebrate the person that he is, and not just his career as a driver that just ended, for years to come.

She told me it would all be OK

If you’re not a dog lover, you may want to quit reading this now. But if you are, you’ll understand: Roxy took the news well — much better, in fact, than all the humans around her. She looked me in the eye and told me it would all be OK without needing to say a word.

Saga of the Steak Sandwich

Unless you grew up there, and maybe even if you did, the city of Hamilton, Ohio, may seem rather unremarkable. But man, there are some places to eat there that can blow your mind.