It’s up to us to #DrainTheSwamp

It’s up to us to #DrainTheSwamp

Up to us to #DrainTheSwamp Yes, Donald Trump tapped into the fears of a segment of voters who feel disenfranchised despite eight years of economic growth and stability. Forget the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, false bravado rhetoric from the campaign trail. He...

We have a people problem

The memes, tweets, and Facebook posts are back: #PrayForFill-in-the-Blank. The righteous indignation — from both sides — is in full throat. Meanwhile, people are dying. Every. Day. So much so, it’s become the norm — and we have lost a piece of our humanity with each mass tragedy.

Now is our WTF moment

When was our WTF moment? When did we, the people, go off the rails? When did we, the people, become … this intolerable? This ignorant? This downright hateful?