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'The Sheriff' rides into the sunset

Peyton Manning is hamstrung by his longevity. Considered objectively, his regular-season numbers easily stamp him one of if not the best QB ever. But coming up short in big moments is not the hallmark of an all-time great, and it’s a problem that has dogged Manning since he was at Tennessee.

‘13 Hours’ a skewed view

What happened in Benghazi was obviously a disaster and, certainly, mistakes of all manner were made. But to see Michael Bay’s film “13 Hours” as anything other than a very liberal interpretation of events would be no less of a disaster.

I didn't, he shouldn't … that's illogical

Chris Haynes gives LeBron James a pass on not speaking out after a grand jury decision not to indict a Cleveland police officer in the Tamir Rice shooting. But Haynes’ reasoning — citing his own personal response to an interaction with police when he lived in Oregon — is wrong-headed.

Trump is just schlonging us

I’ll go straight to a frustrated complaint about the unapologetic hypocrisy of the right. Were anyone on the left to conduct him- or herself as Trump has recently, insufferable gasbags would be spluttering with indignation, decrying the degree to which this or that left-winger was debasing the national discourse.

American horror story

Sarah Palin was an embarrassment, but we were at least afforded the protection of John McCain. Donald Trump also is an embarrassment, but that he might be the face of this country to the rest of the world is downright scary.

Denied by nonsensical stupidity

Becoming or not becoming a teacher, being insured, not being insured, are ‘first-world’ problems, or challenges that are trivial. But I’d like to think I could have, as my parents always stressed, ‘given back;’ and I’d feel better knowing that if I die, my family would be better protected.

It's not advertising, it's annoying

I’ll be damned if I’ve ever bought something simply because I saw it advertised somewhere, I am inclined to think advertising can very easily become counter-productive.

'Prejudicial ideology' runs rampant

Aaron Rodgers took a stand where so many won’t; and that he adopted one that he must have known would be reasonably unpopular in these heated times speaks even more to the 31-year-old’s integrity.

Domestic abuse? No second chance

Ray Rice doesn’t deserve another shot just as Greg Hardy doesn’t deserve another shot just as Ray McDonald doesn’t deserve another shot just as Leonard Little didn’t deserve another shot. Like it or not, seeing these actors receive little to no punishment for abhorrent behavior sends a very wrong message.

David Wright is a stiff

Put David Wright in virtually any other media market, he’s an afterthought. At most, he is a nice complementary player who, oh, that’s right, struck out 20 times in 54 postseason at-bats. He certainly isn’t lauded as a great player, nor looked upon as one of the game’s best.

Lance Armstrong should not be forgiven

Lance Armstrong appears to think he should be forgiven, that the public should begin to reconsider him and his tarnished legacy. But Armstrong distinguished himself by being a venal, petty, cruel bully. He should quietly disappear from the public stage, to be forever shamed and discredited.

Fathers and sons are complicated

I am like any other parent. I have, as I think any parent does, fairly well put my life on hold the past 20 years to ensure that they could enjoy as happy, healthy, loving, warm a childhood as I was capable of giving. … And then I think not even a hug.