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Duane Cross

My affinity for words dates to the 1970s in Aberdeen, Mississippi, reading the newspaper at the breakfast table. The Daily Journal sports pages took me to exotic locales – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles – and opened my eyes to the world beyond the cotton fields, cornrows, and soybean patches of Northeast Mississippi.

I was born in Tennessee, raised in Mississippi, educated in Alabama, worked in Louisiana and Georgia. (And among other places, I’ve been to Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas; I’ve got the SEC covered.)

Politics make me laugh; politicians make me want to cry. I’m more of a “good government” guy. I have a blue streak running through my red blood. I have a tight circle of friends; it’s literally a dot. We laugh at inappropriate times and at appropriate things – like political correctness.

Within this corner of the World Wide Web, I share unfiltered, often not-so-rose-colored opinions – on journalism, things that interest me, and the pursuit of … well, life. Some days it may be pretty. Every day it will be the brutal honesty that I seek from family and friends. Present the facts and let people make their decision.

I believe faith > religion. And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

We will not agree on everything. We may not agree on most things. I can respect that. You be you. I will be me.

Bubba and Mille Grazie in #TheBurg