I was all-in: Elizabeth Warren for president. This was the first time I actually believed, truly wanted a female leader of the free world. … As it turns out, the United States is not ready for its closeup.

More to the point, mainstream media wasn’t ready. (Save me the Corporate America Media hand-wringing that it is the job of the campaign to get out its message. If that’s the case, why did networks spend an overwhelming majority of Warren coverage harping on everything but her message?

Instead, we’ll have another election between two wrinkly-ass men who, truth be told, neither deserve to sit their wrinkly-asses in the Oval Office. Collectively, we suck at putting public servants in a position to succeed.

The issues

According to Politico, these are Warren’s views on:


    • Capital Punishment / Death Penalty – abolish it
    • Cash Bail Reform – end it
    • Mandatory Minimum Sentences Reform – eliminate them
    • Private Prisons – eliminate them


    • Affordable Housing – federal funds to build more houses
    • Big Banks – bring back Glass-Steagall
    • Income Inequality – raise taxes on the wealthy, create new social programs
    • Minimum Wage – raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
    • Paid Leave – support broad paid family and medical leave plans up to 12 weeks
    • Reparations – study reparations


    • Charter Schools – restrict charter school growth
    • Cost of College – college should be free
    • Student Debt – cancel some student debt
    • Teacher Pay – boost teacher pay


    • Election Security – mandate paper ballots
    • Campaign Finance – unlimited spending should not be allowed in politics
    • Electoral College –eliminate it
    • Felon Voting – restore voting rights after prison


    • Oil and gas drilling – ban fracking everywhere
    • Reducing carbon emissions – impose government regulations


    • Farm Economy – break up agribusiness
    • Farming and Climate Change – pay farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices
    • Rights for Farm Owners and Workers – strengthen protections and USDA’s civil rights record


    • Assault Weapons – supports a voluntary buyback program
    • Background Checks – in favor of universal background checks
    • Weapon Registry – in favor of a national firearm registry


    • Abortion – few limits, if any
    • ACA / Coverage Expansion – all-in on Medicare for All
    • Drug Costs – government drug manufacturing
    • Medicare For All – Medicare for All or bust


    • DACA – citizenship for Dreamers
    • Illegal Entry – repeal the statute
    • The Wall – does not support additional funding


    • Clean Water – reinstitute the Clean Water Rule
    • Transportation – pay for infrastructure through changing taxes on corporations, the wealthy


    • Marijuana – legalize it
    • Marijuana Convictions – scrap past pot convictions


    • Defense Spending – reduce the defense budget
    • Overseas Deployments – bring the troops home


    • Capital Gains Taxes – increase the capital gains tax rate
    • Corporate Income Taxes – raise taxes on some corporations beyond 2017 rate
    • Wealth Taxes – create special taxes on wealth


    • Online Privacy – CEOs should be fined or jailed over privacy flaps
    • Rural Broadband – create a public option for broadband
    • Tech Competition & Antitrust – break ’em up


    • China – supports the goal, but change the approach
    • NAFTA / USMCA – supports the revised USMCA
    • Tariffs – use tariffs to crack down on certain countries
    • TPP 2.0 – opposes joining CPTPP and opposed TPP

Now, that’s a lot of info. I spent a lot of time researching her views, and I can’t entirely agree with all of Warren’s leanings. Still, there hasn’t been a candidate that anyone agreed with everything a politician supported. (Yes, not all Trump supporters are in lockstep with Cheetolini. Shocker!)

But Elizabeth Warren will be on the right side of history on the vast majority of these issues.

Media culpability

Meanwhile, Corporate America Media will continue to seek the clickbait headline. Instead of educating the masses, mass media is playing to the lowest common denominator to maximize shareholder profits. That is the problem with the media; it should not be only about the bottom line.

Still, it amazes me how often people stroll into a voting booth and pull the lever against their own interests. If nothing else, the wake of the 2016 General Election should be a wake-up call to those who believed “drain the swamp.” Instead, they’ve hit snooze and rolled over.

Elizabeth Warren will not be president – and that’s tough to swallow. Another woman ahead of her time. Another woman the country did not get to hear because Corporate America Media was too busy self-ingratiating.

Spare me the “She couldn’t even win her home state” crap. Or that the Warren for President campaign peaked too soon. Or that she wasn’t liberal enough for the left wing of the Democratic Party. Her record speaks for itself, not that you heard political analysts or political contributors discuss her policy.

Personally, I want a president who’s smarter than me. Instead, part of the narrative in Massachusetts is that white men without college degrees think Elizabeth Warren is too liberal. … Can we (finally!) agree that the Electoral College does not represent one person, one vote?

Could it be that people tired of watching her kick the guys’ asses in the debates? If you want to have a conversation about sexism in politics, pull up a chair. I’ll share a beer with you.

[Narrator: You do not want to have this conversation with me.]

Elizabeth Warren deserved our attention. Today, we are a poorer country – and, on some level, we deserve it.

And if you’re thinking “Pocahontas,” then you’re an asshole and refuse to get past yourself. Just know she still has at least 16,240 to catch up.