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Yo, Dems — you cannot be serious with the “woe is me.” Ossoff wasn’t going to knock off Handel, or Gretel, or the Wicked Witch of the West. The party has been gutted from the inside; recognize and do something … different.

The GOP has gamed the game; this is evident by the election of soulless candidate after soulless candidate. … And the reason lies within the lack of soul in the Democratic Party.

People want to believe better days are ahead. (Spoiler: They’re not.) The GOP’s ability to spread bullsh*t is more appealing to Joe Voter than the Dems’ untenable horsesh*t positions. It really is that simple.

The thing is: Until enough people decide both parties are crap, we, the people, are going to wallow in it.

Have you seen the ad for the guy from Wisconsin, trying to unseat Ryan? I’d vote for him if I could! He’s an iron worker, who cares for his ailing mother … #IronStache


Yeah, I saw him. Let’s see what his platform consists of and how he addresses issues. A rugged man with a tug-at-the-heartstrings story makes for good copy — but he’s ultimately there to serve the people.

To your point, the Dems have lost 1,030 seats through the Obama years. What’s one more?

The GA 6th did not go red during BO’s term, so I don’t understand the analogy. (Sorry, I don’t buy the notion that Obama was/is the boogeyman. There were/are men with much darker hearts.)

Correct, but this was a self-inflicted loss for the Dems, even though they never had it in the first place. I wasn’t blaming Obama, merely referring to a period of time. Though who does get the blame as the party and media focus on a single seat and rest on their laurels for 8 years while 1029 seats and relevancy slip through their fingers? The GOP has no hope of capitalizing on this shift in power, they will lose it, as the pendulum swings again.

The Dems get to wear that albatross. And whoever branded this as a “referendum on Trump” is an idiot (I realize that covers 100% of the media). The GA 6th was never going to flip, so spending record resources on a losing proposition only underline the problems. This race is the epitome of why politics is off the rails.

Coming from someone from the 6th (though admittedly from the more Ossoff-friendly area in Fulton south of the Chattahoochee), he had a chance. While the district is certainly still solidly Republican, it is not decidedly Trumpian. While Handel and the pro-Trump PACs repeatedly tried, and likely succeeded, to tie Ossoff to Pelosi, he did not do enough to tie her to both an unpopular Trump and an unpopular GOP health plan. Depending on the next 15 months, and depending on if the Democrats can recruit someone (preferably from the district) that can tap into the same enthusiasm that attracted many of the suburban women to Ossoff this go-round, I can easily see GA6 being in play again.

Every person running for office in the next election cycle should have health care as the most important plank in their platform. And be fully prepared to try to withstand the wrath of Big Pharma and the insurance cabal.

As for Ossoff, his biggest problem: the (D) in front of his name. It was always going to be close — and it was always going to be Handel (or anyone else the GOP ran). The Democrats’ ongoing “perception” problem makes the difference in about 5% of the voters nationwide — and that’s just enough to lose (again). … Those “suburban women” should be leading the charge away from party politics. And those financing the party politics should take notice and fund “good government” candidates.

 There is a middle ground in this country. It’s not the left. It’s not the right. It’s common sense people who have been overrun by special interests — and it’s time for rational people to set aside “party” loyalties and make impartial decisions.

Can you move back to GA and run?

HAHAHAHA — I’m fending off folks here who want me to run (for office, not the hills)!

I have faith the good folks in Georgia — and across the country — will realize the “Constitutional crisis” that MSM yaps about are not so much within the walls of the White House. DJT/Russia is the shiny ball — but even if DJT is impeached, it doesn’t mean he has to leave office. And nothing will change the results of the election.

Change has to start on Capitol Hill. The biggest story right now is health care, and the media has dropped the ball reporting to the masses. It’s just not as sexy as DJT/Russia. … But health care — and the lack thereof — has the potential to absolutely gut this country.

(Corporate media muckety-mucks are not concerned about health care; they have it and will continue to have it. So, let’s scare up some ratings with a not-so-popular president and the despised Russkies! Remember: The average age of TV news viewers is 101 and rising so they have memories of the Red Scare.)

Hence, holding senators and members of the House responsible for their decisions is action item No. 1. … I believe once people from both parties realize they have been sold out, change will come. (Then again, some people’s level of stupidity amazes me every day.)