Three years into Donald Trump’s presidency and … well, his support remains in the mid-30s — a steadfast, never-gonna-admit-he-does-wrong slice of Americana that cannot be explained.

The other 60-plus percent of the country openly wonders how those on Capitol Hill can be complicit in the unraveling of the fabric that stitches together what used to be the greatest nation on earth.

Stupid shit has blinded us. (Granted, most of that stupid shit has come from the president’s mouth, but we knew that when he a) ran for president, b) was nominated by the GOP, c) was sworn into office, and d) every. day. since.)

Whataboutism was the right-wingers’ calling card for the first two years of the Trump administration. No matter the issue, “What about Obama [fill in the blank with some ridiculous comparison akin to apples and space shuttles]?” which was topped only by the riff against Hillary Clinton, “But her emails …”

Year 3 is an open assault on law and order and the duties bestowed upon the man elected to occupy the Oval Office. He has lied; yes, Russia interfered with the 2016 election. He has lied; yes, there is clear-cut collusion outlined in the Mueller Report. He has lied; yes, there was quid pro quo with Ukraine (hell, who knows which other countries …).

And yet, Donald Trump continues to wipe his ass with the Constitution while Congress turns a blind eye in the name of politics (read: money).

This moment in U.S. history is not Democrat vs. Republican. This is basic humanity, which Donald Trump lacks. As of Oct. 9, Trump’s 993rd day in office, he had made 13,435 false or misleading claims, according to the Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes, and tracks every suspect statement the president has uttered. That’s an average of 13.52 per day.

The lies are going to increase in regularity. The lies are going to become even more outrageous. Impeachment is going to drive Trump even further into the abyss. … And still, at least 30 percent of the country will continue to support him.

This isn’t about immigration — the wall, kids in cages. The unnecessary trade war with China or getting played by North Korea. Or a GOP-led Senate that has skewed the political landscape. Or even the evangelical Christians setting aside everything for which their religion is supposed to stand. (Let’s also slide in the white nationalist angle …)

No, this is about you and me. … It’s OK to admit Donald Trump is not who you hoped he would be as president. It’s not a knock against you, personally. To continue to support him unabashedly, however, that says everything.