We’ve become numb

Duane Cross

Evangelical Christians … just the name makes my skin crawl. It’s not the holier-than-thou attitude (although that chaps my ass). It’s not the God-will-save-us mindset (although science is having a good laugh with that one). It’s none of that. It is the blatant twisting, turning of the Word to fit their unholy narrative.

And God forbid you to call out one of the self-anointed modern-day disciples. … Hey, Greg Locke – you’re trash. And you’re in the same dumpster, Josh Feuerstein; pull up a chair next to Franklin Graham. Your server will be Ken Peters; he’ll bring your drink order – venti-size Haterade.

Underpinning the evangelicals has been the entertainment division at FOX News. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity have been at the tip of the spear regarding lies about … well, pick a topic. And because FOX News long ago wrapped itself in the flag and became the de facto judge, jury, and executioner of all things “patriotism” in the U.S., right-wingers swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

As Rome burned to the dulcet sounds of Nero’s fiddle, the left was doing what it does best: exclaiming that the sky was falling. (Granted, Dems were at least factual in their righteous indignation – but they also have broad shoulders to carry the blame.)

Concurrently, we, the people, were caught in the riptide of Beltway politics.

A year ago, President Trump denied the emerging coronavirus, opting instead to focus on the economy. After all, “America First” was his promise. Little did he know, America would be first – in COVID-19 cases and deaths: 27,700,629 cases and 476,405 deaths as of today. Or maybe he did and simply didn’t care (and refused to believe science). Or maybe he leaned in too much to Paula White, another off-target evangelical.

A year later, Americans are hurting. Mental illness is a tangible issue that is not getting enough attention. Small businesses wonder why corporate behemoths can swing their doors open. Still, Mom and Pop have to batten down the hatches and pray for the best. Schools are caught between virtual and in-person learning. All the while, “essential” workers are on the front lines at $7.25 an hour. Our healthcare workers have dug in, making chicken salad out of chicken shit. Every. Damn. Day.

Yes, PPP money was mismanaged – purposely, as anyone with a functioning brain comprehends. Yes, from the White House, science was kicked to the curb in favor of hydroxychloroquine and bleach. Yes, there was an election, it was certified, and “patriots” lost their shit because the Big Ass in the White House was shown the door. … Yes, yes, yes – and none of it matters.

What matters is that we are numb. People want their lives back to normal.

But right now, the fog of misinformation emitting from FOX News, OANN, and Newsmax is too thick for some people. Adults are again leading the government. (Next week’s lesson will focus on social media warriors – Facebook-certified epidemiologists and Google Tech economists. Spoiler alert: both are in freefall with Trump U. grads for magna cum laude honors among dumbest mofos still dragging their knuckles.)

Meanwhile, folks in Tennessee are wondering what in the name of Davy Crockett, hallowed be thy name, is going on:

God help us.