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You be you. I will be me.

Duane Cross


This website may contain information unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humor, or irrational religious beliefs.

This is not a safe place. I am not going to debate politics; Trump is a pathetic human. I am not going to debate religion; faith is my go-to. I am not going to debate he, she, him, her; live and let live.

What you will get is my Southern-born take on how everyday life is a) worth living and b) fucked up. We’re just here to make the most of it. None of us is promised tomorrow. We cannot change yesterday. There’s no need to worry about tomorrow.

Let’s make the most out of today. Period.


Challenge the lunatic fringe

Go to the voting booth. To hell with mail-in or absentee ballots. Be in the now; pull the lever in real-time. RBG would do nothing less.

Tom Seaver

I wish it was yesterday

I’m not 10 anymore. I’m 53, and my heroes are dying. … Cherish yesterdays, when we didn’t know Tom Seaver was dead.

Front of house


Four years ago, we moved into my grandparents’ once-upon-a-time tobacco farmstead so I could chase a ghost.


Q: Your answer matters

Conspiracy groups can thrive only if you remain gullible. Before the General Election, do your due diligence. And vote.

DJT killed America


The WHO rang the bell on the novel coronavirus on Dec. 31, 2019. This is how President Trump responded …

New York

Bright Lights, Big City

Jay McInerney’s iconoclastic first novel was a literary Bat-signal. Eventually, it led me home. Along the way, it was life well lived.