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This website contains information unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humor, or irrational religious beliefs. This is not a safe place for those who want to debate politics, religion, or he, she, him, her. Live and let live. What you will get is a well-lived take on how everyday life is a) worth living and b) fubar. We cannot change yesterday. There’s no need to worry about tomorrow. Let’s make the most out of today. Gártha!

Hallmark déjà vu

A fresh batch of Hallmark movies – yeah. Fast and Furious is not just another hold-your-nose franchise; the same is true for Hallmark’s constant push of love-lost-then-found holiday flicks. But c’mon, haven’t we scratched the bottom of this barrel? How many lovelorn folks are waiting to find true love (especially under such ridiculous circumstances)? … We get it: Advertisers feel safe. Meanwhile, I’m queuing up Bad Santa. Cheers!

Elon is a twit

Could not care less if Elon Musk flies Twitter into the ground. Could not care less if Elon Musk crashes Tesla or SpaceX in the process. Flip side, could not care less if he makes billions more. What I do care about is the continuation of the utter smartassness the Chief Twit seems hellbent to elevate from his perch. Dude, the times they are a-changin’. Use a communication platform for good or … the consequences will ratio your likes.

2022 Midterms

If people do not realize Fox News is a propaganda network, they choose to be willfully ignorant. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity are not journalists. Instead, they are bent on divisiveness (and the a.m. “Fox & Friends” chuckleheads yap into the same echo chamber). At its core, the U.S. is neither red nor blue. The everyday people are more fiscally conservative and physically liberal. So, live and let live.

Hooker for Heisman

Does Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker deserve the Heisman Trophy? Eh, he has posted numbers worthy of being invited to New York, but the Georgia game should weigh heavily on voters’ minds. In the Vols’ most significant game in decades, he did not answer the bell. Instead, Hooker is the face of a group that revived – is “saved” too strong? – the UT program. That will carry more weight than a 45-pound bronze sculpture.

It is her choice …

Kamala Harris questioned Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing about laws specific to men’s health. Partisan politics aside, she was spot-on. Then, four years later, the wheels came off. SCOTUS struck down Roe v. Wade – and young and pissed-off women Roe, Roe, Roe’d the vote. So, men, take note: It is a woman’s right to choose; her health is not a government entity. Though, some men’s thinking could use a lobotomy.

Break up the Yankees

George Steinbrenner was a leading man. His son, Hal, is anything but a chip off the ol’ block. Hell, he’s not even a shaving; Hal is content with the Yankees’ profit margin as-is. Losing in the postseason, it happens. Getting swept, even by the eventual World Series champs, is inexcusable. Combined with the atrocious deals the front office has pulled off the past several years, it’s time to clean house – from the top down.

What happened, CNN?

Once upon a time, CNN was the most trusted name in news. Today, it’s a shitshow. The “news” side was whittled away with each sale (three since 2018), and business-side asshats chose the newsroom as a fiefdom. Hence, business (aka profits) trumps journalism. In an unprecedented age of news, CNN has chosen not to lead the way, which is unconscionable. There should be sensible regulation where the First Amendment treads …