In the wake of the Kiffin Era, the Dooley Debacle, and failing to become more than “Champions of Life,” UT stakes its future with Jeremy Pruitt.

Respect our differences

There are issues in these ironically-named United States. The problem isn’t Trump, the NFL, the flag, or Colin Kaepernick. We look at the problem every day.

Self-evident truths

The older brother isn’t smarter, isn’t better looking. The younger brother is everything the older brother wants to be but can’t – because, you know, he’s not Kenny.

We wallow in it

The GOP’s ability to spread bullsh*t is more appealing to Joe Voter than the Dems’ untenable horsesh*t positions. It’s time people realize both parties are crap.

Building the Bronx Bombers

There was not a lot of homegrown talent on those 1976-78 Yankees pennant winners — unless you consider Cleveland a minor-league affiliate.

I love the ’80s

So how does The Sporting News’ player of the decade for the 1980s not make a list of the 10 best players of the decade?

When Kong was king

It could be argued that Dave Kingman was made for the DH role and had found his groove in 1984-86 with the A’s. But there’s always a backstory …

Bring back the ’70s

Joe Morgan was the most fierce WARrior in the 1970s. I disagree. So if not Joe Morgan as the best player in the ’70s, then who? My choice is …

Face of MLB in the ’70s

If there is a face of Major League Baseball in the ’70s, the player that represents the best and worst of the game, it’s the mercurial Doc Ellis.

Sad end to ‘peaceful revolution of hope’

The time is near to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Look past the smile-for-the-camera executive order signings and realize the road ahead is not what we, the people, imagined.

It’s up to us to #DrainTheSwamp

Donald Trump cannot drive the train off the tracks. (And hey, neither could Obama; still got your guns — correct?) The president can do nothing without a culpable Congress.

Still a fan of the ‘Slugger’


Grab a hotdog and a box of Cracker Jack; The Slugger’s Wife is a home run.


‘The Wire’ as a newsroom

Never mind that The Wire is more than 10 years old. With time, it has become a mirror of life — past, present, and future. If you’ve been in a newsroom, you know the characters.

‘It was basically do or die’

On Jan. 31, 2014, I left Northside Hospital with a new lease on life. I wrote a note to the folks at Northside. I never mailed it. So this is my closure moment — the end of a life chapter that changed me forever.

Welcome home, Brett

Brett Favre was more than a legend, a gunslinger, the face of a franchise.

The Greatest of These is Love

Have faith in people. Hope they do the right thing. Love us when we don’t.

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