RIP, America

This moment is not Left vs. Right

Capitol Hill is complicit in the unraveling of the fabric that stitches together what used to be the greatest nation on earth.

Bright Lights, Big City

The best decision I’ve made: walking away

The rungs on the ladder seemed to be stepping stones. And then leaving without a second thought was my next step.

The Remodel

I was born in Tennessee, and while I’ve lived in other places, it’s always been “home.” Someday, they will bury me here. In the meantime, the remodel continues – for the old tobacco farmstead and me.

Book Launch Fall 2020

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The Family

Uprooting your life isn’t the easiest decision to make.

The Move

Becoming a minimalist means letting go of many things.

The World

Life is more of what you make of it, not what it gives you.