The Road Less Traveled

And that has made all the difference ...

OK, so here's what happened

I went here, tried this, wandered over there, tried that — basically, took a walkabout to see if I still believed in me.

A self-evident truth

The younger brother is everything the older brother wants to be but can’t — because, you know, he’s not Kenny.

‘It was basically do or die’

I wrote a note that was never mailed. This is my closure moment — the end of a life chapter that changed me forever.

Are you the racial divide?

There are issues in these ironically-named United States — and we literally see the problem every day.

We just wallow in it

Common sense people who have been overrun by special interests. Until enough people decide both political parties are crap, nothing will change.

A screeching halt

Look past the smile-for-the-camera executive order signings and realize the road ahead is not what we, the people, imagined.

’70s drafts more bust than boom

No. 1 draft picks are not all they’re cracked up to be. Who will be the next Harold Baines — or the next big-league bust?

Face of MLB in the '70s

If there is a face of Major League Baseball in the ’70s, the player that represents the best and worst of the game, it’s the mercurial Doc Ellis.

Building the Bronx Bombers

The 1976-78 AL champs didn’t feature a lot of homegrown talent (unless you consider Cleveland an affiliate). This is how the ’76 Yankees were built …

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We will not agree on everything. We may not agree on most things. I can respect that.
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