The randomness of everyday life in #TheBurg🥃

Food and Drinks

At Tras Chábán, we hold these truths to be self-evident: er’body is equal, we have unalienable rights – including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and food and drink shall be plentiful and enjoyed with laughter. Our tribe is small, and we live, laugh, love without limits.

So, if you get to the cabin and we’re deckin’ around the fire pit, grab a seat and enjoy. Unless you cannot sing “Rocky Top,” it’s a judgment-free zone. … I’ve been there, done that. What I’ve learned is that everyone has a story to tell. Grab a plate and a drink. Let’s enjoy hanging out, laughing. You be you. I will be me.

Tobacco Barn

This ol’ girl has been around for more than three-quarters of a century. Built on the old farmstead at the south end of Hasty Hollow, the house, garage/woodshed, and barn were hauled to the ridge during the construction of Tims Ford Lake. Mules and other farm animals were cared for here, too-many-to-count hay bales were stacked, and a shitton of tobacco was hung inside.

After we shored up and renovated the farmhouse, the barn needed a facelift. In October 2020, pandemic be damned, the old white oak boards were stripped and replaced with tulip poplar. A few years in, and the wood is aging nicely. (It also makes a nice backdrop for rainbows following afternoon storms.)